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Structured Products.
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The toolbox for investment strategies    
Phase 4: Optimize
risk-return profile
Phase 2: Engineer
  your prototype
Phase 3: Assess risks
Phase 1: Generate
investment ideas
Create and optimize your own investment ideas
using the ThinkFinance toolbox
Whether you are  an investment professional or just an amateur, ThinkFinance
offers you a unique platform of sophisticated tools to create, prototype, analyze
and optimize new investment ideas in one toolbox: The Portfolio Manager.

The Portfolio Manager takes you through four phases of portfolio construction:
Phase 2: Setup prototype portfolio(s) for your idea
ThinkFinance offers various tools for generating or prototyping investment ideas:
•  The Portfolio Builder to build larger stock/ETF portfolios
•  The Trade Manager to define securities and derivatives
•  The Structured Products Factory to create structured products
Phase 1: Generate new investment ideas
Analyze market trends and opportunities using the following ThinkFinance tools:
•  The Market Browser  to spot investment opportunities
•  The Chart Analyst to understand  trends in asset prices
•  The ETF Navigator to find the right ETFs for you
Phase 3: Assess risk return profile of your prototype portfolio
ThinkFinance offers powerful tools to assess your prototype portfolio:
•  The Benchmarker to run a risk-return analysis or multi-factor analysis
•  The Risk Manager offers a variety of performance and risk analysis functions
Phase 4: Optimize your prototype portfolio
Use powerful tools embedded in the ThinkFinance Portfolio Manager:
•  The Backtester to run a historical simulation and risk simulation
•  The Portfolio Optimizer to optimize your portoflio using the Nobel prize awarded
  methodology of Harry Markowitz

        „Everything should be made as simple as possible, but no simpler“
                                                      (A. Einstein)